Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017

Hey All -

Yet another week has come and gone.
It was a pretty good week.  We still have some really sweet miracles in potential for this transfer. We have been teaching this couple, their names are Helder and Emmanuele. They are doing pretty good, they are both doctors. He is a brain surgen and she works in the ambulance. I know that I am a pretty smart guy, but next to them I feel like a little fish because they really are both very intelligent people. 

Things really are going pretty well and I am way happy. I don't know if I have ever felt as much stress as I have felt in this week but I also feel like God is preparing some really sweet miracles for us at the end of the transfer. 

Our biggest miracle that I get all emotional just thinking about it has been Benê and Andresa. Talk about a real miracle and some living answers to a LOT of prayers. So last week we had marked with them to go to the registry and mark their weeding. Everything was good and seemed like it was all perfect. However last Monday when we had marked to go their in the morning and get their wedding marked early in the morning when I called them Benê said they weren't going anymore and they didn't want to get married any time soon. So even being our P day we ran over there to try and see what had happened and give it one more try. A wedding in the registry usually takes about a month so we were really out of time and needing a miracle. So we had been praying a lot and when we went over there we had an amazing visit and were able to get them rededicated. They were just really worried about the money and getting everything ready in time, so we just promised them that everything would turn out alright and that everyone in the ward would help. So on Tuesday morning we went to the registry and begged the lady to help us. So we were able to mark their wedding for the 26th and the baptism for the 27th.

So this week we have just trying to get everything ready for the big day! Also we have just been really busy with Assistant stuff. We have had conferences and splits this whole week. Also we are going to have a mission tour this week so we are have a lot of meetings to get everything ready. 

I really cant explain how I am. Life is just great and I am really happy. God has blessed us so much and we are working really hard. I can really feel the Lord on our side, a great and marvelous work is about to come to pass. I am excited to finish my mission strong doing what I most love. BAPTIZING! 

Love you so much mom, can't wait to give you a great big hug here in a few weeks!!!!!

Elder Millard

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 8, 2017

Justin Bart Millard - 2:29 PM

haha your so funny mom
remember that it is going to be a great week or two, but after that you are going to want to kick me out again. kkkk


yeah, just doing well and loving life

haha everything is good. 

Justin Bart Millard - 2:34 PM

We are going to have zone conferences starting this week and next week we have zone conferences and a mission tour with Elder Lima of the seventy. So things are going to be really busy these last few weeks
Also today we had to go teach Bené and Andresa today to try and get everything ready for their wedding

Justin Bart Millard - 2:36 PM

You have no idea all that we have been through with this family. I am almost crazy trying to get them excited and get it all ready. Its going to be pretty hard as they arent really able to do a wedding so I we are trying to get everyone to pitch in a little to do something nice for them. 

Justin Bart Millard - 2:39 PM

I am sure they would love that
I already told them that I will help with their wedding rings that will be about 300 reais 

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Thursday 31 August 2017
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July 10, 2017- Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes

Well what a week.....
This whole week we have been going to zone conferences. It is really a good time. I know that I am not the BEST missionary but I have gained a strong testimony about the Holy Ghost. Although I may be unqualified, I know that the spirit has helped me so much during the conferences. I could really feel guided by the spirit in every training. It is a great opportunity to be able to help the missionaries here in São Paulo Leste. The mission is doing really well and I really feel like I am in the best mission in the world. It is great that the Lord trusts me enough to be an example here in the mission and I am very grateful for the opportunity and I know that the Lord is helping me do his work here in the mission. I was able to see a lot of old friends and have some good laughs so that is always good to meet up with the mission buddies. 
Here in our mission we have a few zones that are in the interior and it is such a good time to get out in the country and see farms, animals, and mountains. It is about a 3 hour drive out to the last zone of the mission so the whole time I was just talking with President about my little home town. He also grew up on a farm and he has been all over Utah so it was so great talking with him for hours about all that stuff. President is such a great guy, I would love to see him after the mission. He lives in Spanish Fork so it is pretty close. 

Also this week we were able to visit Larissa, Bené, and Andresa. They are doing really well. Bené committed to stop drinking and he is reading the Book of Mormon every day. They are going to the North East this week and will get back at the end of the month. When they get back we will get everything ready for the wedding and baptism. We also have another young woman marked for baptism she is yet another referral from our recent convert Val. Her name is Layla, she and her friend Atina are marked for the 22nd.
We also had some pretty sweet miracles show up in church this week. People that just said they saw the church and felt a strong desire to come in so they just showed up. I am sure we will see a lot of miracles in the coming weeks. I am feeling really good with where I am at right now in my mission, as the last weeks are winding down I really feel like the Lord is by my side. We are working hard and the miracles are awaiting us.

Elder Millard

June 24, 2017

What a week it has been! Yet again things have been extremely busy with meetings, training, appointments, BAPTISMS, activities, and many other things. 
As you know last Monday was transfers so that was way busy running all over the place getting everyone where they need to be. Then we went with President to get some things ready for the testimony meeting for all the missionaries going home. Then at night all the trainers got to the mission office where we gave them a training and ate pizza. 
Then on Tuesday morning all the newbies got here, so we had to sit and talk with all of them for a while. It is really great to see the greenies because it makes me think back to when I got in the mission and it helps me remember all that I have passed through. Its really good to see that sparkle in their eyes and try and remember what it was like when I first got in the mission. Then all afternoon we gave them trainings and we went out to do some street contacting with them for a while. It was a great day. Then we got everyone out to their areas and had another meeting with President. 
On Wednesday and Thursday we were able to work in our area which is really what I love.  Hahaha President and Sister Silcox are always teasing me because they know that I don't like having meetings or being in the office but its really true. Whenever I am in the office I just get fire in my eyes because I just want to WORK in my area. My favorite thing is Baptize and I need to teach to do that. We spent the week really focusing on Laila and Atina. Laila is doing really well and has received many answers from God, however Atina is not coming along so fast. Laila was baptized this Saturday and Confirmed on Sunday!!! It was a great meeting, very spiritual and really special.
On Friday we had leadership council which is always great. We gave some great trainings and it is always nice to see the big studs of the mission. It is pretty sweet because I remember when I was Zone Leader I saw a lot of them in my zone and now they are all the top dogs of the mission. The mission is really going so good. Nobody will ever convince me that there is a better mission in the world. Seriously things are just great! I LOVE SÃO PAULO LESTE!!!!  Saturday we had Laila´s baptism and at night we had a ward party, so it was just a great day! 

Anyways, things are going really well. I feel like I am doing good. I know that I still have a few more weeks of hard work, but I am loving it. We are just working like mad men trying to finish off my mission strong. I still have a lot of things to tell you, but I will leave it for next week. 
Love you,

Elder Millard

Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 19, 2017

Well mom what shall I say this week....? One more week has come and gone, I am one week closer to the best/worst day I can imagine. I am working really hard and I am extremly focused on the work. Sometimes I think about how close I am to getting home and I get a little sick to the stomach, but also I am really excited to be home and start my big kid life. I cannot believe that Coleman is getting home!! That is so crazy! I really am on the last stretch. It really doesnt seem true that someday I will finish my mission in a few short months. But I am excited. Anyways thats enough talking about home.

This week was pretty good, all is going super well. My comp is a real stud and I really like him a lot. I really am loving this time in my mission, I feel like my whole mission I was always looking up to the older guys and just thinking some day I will get there. Now I realize that everywhere I go people are looking at me and thinking the same thing. I still have a lot to better every day, but I know that I am an experienced missionary and I am very confident with the man that God is helping me become. 

We are working a lot in our area giving the best example for the mission. This week we had some really smack down lessons. We were able to mark 4 people for baptism!!!! We taught a family that was not wanting to let their daughter be baptized and it was such a good lesson, that we went in with them just trying to argue and find anything wrong with us to when we left they committed to go to church and they didnt want us to leave. So yesterday the whole familly went to church and they loved it. They are now very excited about their daughters baptism that will be this saturday!! 
Anyways we are seeing a lot of miracles, and I am sure that God will continue blessing us as we work diligently in this marvilous work. 

That is so great that the family reunion is this week, I would have loved so much to be there and see everyone. It will be so great to see everyone again, but I know that I am where I need to be.

"I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be."

Elder Millard

June 12, 2017

Well where did I leave off?  
So I am sorry my dearest mother.... last week was transfers so I was extremly busy running all over the place trying to get everything in order. We had a meeting with everyone going home on sunday night. We moved transfer day to Monday which is our p day and as I am unable to start my p day until everyone gets to where they need to be I ended up without even having a p day. Elder Chalampuento was transfered and my new comp who was a zone leader had to run around the subway helping everyone, so basically I spent the whole day running around by myself. Trying to get everyone to their new areas and preparing a training for the trainers on monday night, also for the greenies on Tuesday morning. Needless to say more it was a week very busy for us, full of meetings, trainings, transfers, interviews, and best of all we did what we do best and marked 2 baptisms for next week!!!

Everything is going great I am loving my area and my calling. My new companion is Elder Ewerton he is from maranhão. He is way sweet, such a stud! He only has 1 year and 3 months in the mission so he still has a lot to learn. Everything is going really great, I cant believe that I am on the final stretch time is flying by. I am very excited to get home and see everyone again. 
The Lord is blessing us more we might deserve, but I know that I am a only a tool in his hands. I really feel Gods love for each of us. I think if I had to sum all that I have learned in my mission it would be self sufficiency. I have really gained a strong testimony of the Savior and how much he loves me, and all that he has done and is still doing for me. He is my true friend and I know that he will never let me down. I dont depend on anybody but him. I just want to be faithful to him and I know that I will get to where I need to be in my life. Everything is great mom, I am loving life, and looking foward to the day that I can give you a great bif hug again. 

Elder Millard
God be with you till we meet again. 

May 29, 2017

Well one more week has gone by and a lot has happened. This week we have been all over the mission because of zone conferences. Earlier in the week we went to Guarulhos which is close to Bela Vista (my first area) We had the zone conference in the chapel where I started my mission, the first chapel I entered here in Brazil hahahaha it was crazy to see that city again. Then we had to go to São José dos Campos which is a small city in the interior. That was really crazy, because my whole mission I have never been to the country. I have served my whole mission here in the capital of São Paulo, so to see a ton of farms and country again was way different and to see a little city like Kanab again was funny. Then we came back to the city and had to go to another area that was having a lot of problems and work with the elders there. Finally on Friday night we got back to our area and we split with the office Elders to be able to get more appointments taken care of. We had 3 baptisms marked for this week, so we were really running around trying to get everything ready. We were able to get all the interviews done and one Saturday we baptized a woman named Luciana then on Sunday she was confirmed,and we baptized 2 little ones that we had reactivated their family. 

So needless to say we have been baptizing like crazy this transfer. Elder Chalampuento and I have just been tearing it up as usual ;) God has blessed us a lot and we are leading the mission in baptisms and as of now just our area has more baptisms than any other ZONE in the mission. We have baptized 8 already this transfer and we have 1 or 2 more for this weekend. 
This week we had a big activity in our ward and it really got me thinking about life.I was so happy their seeing everyone participating in the activity. Half of the people there were our recent converts or investagators. It got me thinking a lot about my mission and all that I have done and all that I have to do when I get home. I really am starting to see the finish line. I cant believe how fast time is flying by! Anyways, we can talk about that stuff later. 
Well, life is good and I am super happy. Just lovin life and enjoying every moment. Working hard and showing the way for others. 

Thats all for this week. This next week is transfers so I am sure that it will be super busy again, but thats the way we like it. We are really hoping that Chalampuento stays because we have a lot of people to be baptized in the coming weeks!

God Speed
Elder Millard

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 15, 2017

We have had yet another busy week here in São Paulo Leste. All is going well, just a lot of meetings and running around our area. 
So our recent converts that were baptized 2 weeks ago are doing great. They have really shown great efforts of faith. She was baptized and on the same week she got a great job offer that seemed like a great blessing, however the job would require her to work on Sunday. She was very upset as she has been looking for a job as she has been passing through a lot of financial problems. However with her extreme faith of a recent convert she declined the job offer to be able to keep the Sabbath day. The next week she was confirmed, and on that same day she paid her tithing. We have been visiting her a lot and she continues inviting people over about everyday to  participate in our messages. She really is doing well and we are going to the temple with her on the 20th. 

This week we have 3 baptisms marked. Jodárvila, Andrea, and Josué. Jodárvila is a young woman that we have been teaching for a few weeks and is really excited to be baptized. 
Andrea is way sweet. I think the lessons we teach her have been some of the most spiritual lessons that I remember. She is really sweet and so ready to be baptized, she has helped my testimony a lot. 

It was a great week and throughout the week I challenged myself to ponder and think about my wonderful mother and how grateful I am for her. Each day I shared a spiritual message and my testimony about my wonderful mother. So mom.... thank you so much for all that you do. Sorry I didn't get much time to really talk with you yesterday, but just know that I really love you and I am so very grateful for you and all that you have done. I know that without you I would not be where I am today. 

This week are starting zone conferences so things will certainly get a little busier this week, so just keep me in your prayers so I can put fire in the eyes of these missionaries.

All is well
God Speed

Elder Millard

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

Well let me start off by trying to remember last week. As so much has happened these last two weeks it will be a little rough, but I will try and remember the basics.

I yet again can say that last week may have been one of the best weeks of my mission. As I told you we started out the week with a lot of potencial to reach our goals, but we were 2 people short of reaching our goal. So we started out the week with a zone fast to try and finish out the transfer strong. We visited deborah everyday trying to get her ready for the baptism, and allthough she really has a strong desire to be baptized it was not able to happen this week. Last week we had zone conference and it was way sweet! Pres and the assistants gave a pretty sweet training. After the conference was over we all sat together as a zone and had a little meeting to just talk about all the miracles that had happened and the little bit that we were missing. It was really good. As I was directing the meeting and talking with the zone I could honestly feel the spirit there with us. It was a feeling really good, it was as if the Lord were saying that he was happy with the work we were doing, but we could not let up!! We were still 5 baptisms short of hitting our goal, but the hardest part is that we only had 3 people marked. So on that Wednesday we marked yet another Emergency fast. 
Everday last week we were running around the zone trying to firm up a few baptisms and help the missionarys with interviews and lessons. When we got to the end of the week my comp and I did yet another fast to finish of strong and really just thank God for all that had happened. The whole week I had really been feeling like I would be transfered so I was kind of saying a slight goodbye to everyone. On sunday I talked in church and it was really good. First I was able to bless the sacrament with Kaique which was way special for me, then as I was speaking I could just feel the spirit filling the room and I think I ended up learning a lot more than I taught. When we were calling our zone to get the numbers we all really worried and just praying for good news. Miracles happened and we were able to hit our goal!!!!!!! We did it! Right there on the sidewalk I gave my comp a great big hug and right there we said a little prayer to thank God for all that we had done that transfer. Then after we went to the chapel and we got a call from the assistants to give us the transfer, I then knew that I would be transfered. Although I wanted to stay I could really feel like my work it the Penha zone had come to an end. I then was able to visit with grams and gramps which is always a great experience. 

Later that night I got a call from President Silcox. He called and we talked for a little bit about what had happened in the transfer and that Sunday. Then he told me that the Lord was calling me to be the new Assistant in the Brazil São Paulo East mission. So after talking a little bit I accepted the calling and I had to go home and get my bags ready to go the the mission office. So I had to run around trying to say goodbye to a few close members and Kaique. 

So now I am serving as the AP with my best buddy Chalampuento!! We are companions again! It has been way busy this week. Earlier in the week we had to give a few trainings to the greenies and trainers. A lot of meetings and planning. Our area is Mooca. I am really good and way happy. I feel very small before this calling, but I know the Lord is on my side. I have had a lot of spiritual moments this week, but I have got to run. So I will have to tell you next week, or I will see if I can sent an email later today, but I doubt I will have time. Love you mom and thanks for everything. Sorry for the crappy letter, I am late and my head is all mixed up.

Have a great week.

God Speed

April 18, 2017-

Well one more week has gone. We had a good week, we have been working in almost all the areas of the zone trying to get some baptisms excited. We have really dedicated ourselves this transfer to help our zone reach our goals. We are on track as of now and if everything goes well we will hit our goal this last week of the transfer!! 
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Kaíque. He is doing so good. He is way happy and just loving life. He received the priesthood and I had the opportunity to bless the sacrament with him this week. That was so awesome and I really just wanted to burst into tears the whole time. He also has a calling in the ward and is working a lot to help the ward. He is always call less actives to see if he can help or give them a ride to church. haha he is such a stud! This week we are going to go to the temple with him to do baptisms for his family. He also bought a new suit and shaved the beard, so is just a flippin stud now. I really like him, he is a great guy and I am so happy I have had the opportunity to help him and see the big change happen in his life. This week he bought a giant Easter egg for me to thank me for all that I have done. It was great, we both got all teary eyed as we talked about the gospel and all that is happening in his life.

I am really loving my mission during these last few months. I really can't believe that I am on the final stretch. I am just trying to enjoy every minute. Miracles are happening and I really feel like God is helping me prepare myself for these last 5 months and for the rest of my life. I am loving serving here in the Penha zone. I have come to love the people I am serving with and I really feel like we are a great big team working together. 
Here in my area we are having some hard times, as we don't have many people progressing. But I have learned that the success of others is what makes me really happy. We are working hard and I am sure that God will bless us with a miracle to finish off this transfer.

This week one of my real good mission buddies went home. We were able to see him before he went home, he was Elder Chalampuentos comp so it was way sweet to see him again, and Chalampuento who is my best buddy. He got a visa for business and he says he is going to work on the Pondi after the mish. haha

This week was really special for me as I challenged myself to think about the Savior each day of the week. As it was his last week on earth I tried to follow him and each day think about what he was doing on that specific day. I really felt myself get closer to him. As I studied his life and many testimonies about him throughout the Bible and Book of Mormon I really felt as if he was listening to me and comforting me to let me know that what I was feeling was true. My testimony has grown a lot this week and I really think its funny, because it seems like I say the same thing every week. I am so grateful to God for my many blessings and for my opportunity to be a representative of his Son and feel so close to him. I continue to be a humble servant, but some day I hope to be his true friend.
I really wish I could put my feelings in the email, but it just isn't possible. I hope and pray to never forget what I am feeling and the experiences I am having here. I hope we all came closer to Christ the last week as we celebrate that he lives. He as not left us here alone, the heavens are not closed. He loves us and if we do our part certainly he will do his. I hope we can all follow him with more and more assurance.

God Speed

Elder Millard