Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Another week has gone by and I am doing great, no need to worry about me. Just keep praying so I can get the language. 

I don't really have anything special this week. 
When I was at a members house eating we were talking about how her son has Diabetes and its just really hard because he has always wanted to go on a mission and has always planned on it, but they just don't think he can because diabetes has slowed him down, and he really struggles with it. I know Tyler has to go through a lot and it is really difficult for him, but just think about how blessed he is that he was able to go on a mission before. He loves his mission and it made him who he is, it would have been so hard to not have been able to go. 

To answer some of your questions
We don't get mail in our house, we can only get it when we go to the mission office every transfer so I can't get the package for another couple weeks. 

Yes we eat with members. We eat every lunch with members so I don't cook anything at our house, I just have some snacks and stuff. 

My companion leaves at the end of this transfer so he is beyond trunky so it's hard because we don't have a lot of investigators, we sit in members houses for hours at a time and it drives me nuts. The guy I baptized is doing really well. He is pretty great.

Yes we walk a lot, Other than my shoe laces which have both broken already my shoes are doing great. No I don't need anything for my feet I am tough.  

We do our emails in a little internet cafe thing.

Yeah the church building is normal size, its bigger than ours in Orderville, but its nice. 

I had to leave for a while. A member called and said she needed us.  But now I am back, so I have a little more time to send some pictures.  

Love you,

Elder Millard
Sao Paulo Temple

First Baptism

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Well now I know I am actually in Brazil! In the CTM when I didn´t know something in Portuguse I could always just turn to English. I really got my world rocked when I came out here. I am honestly still struggling but I have confidence that the Lord will bless me when I do my part. I have more faith now then I ever have in my life, because right now that is what I am living on. Its hard not being able to communicate or not understand. But I have a lot of faith and it grows everyday because I have to excerise faith in knowing that the language will come and I will do this. I know that my mission has eternal significance and I am going to work to be the best missionary I can be. 

My 2nd or 3rd day we had a lesson with our investigator, we went over there and of course I mostly just listened because I am cant really talk, I just bore my testimony at the end and we left. When we went back the next day to his house he told us about something he saw. The day before we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. He said when I bore my testimony he felt something in his heart and he saw a glow over my head. He said the day before when we stood up to leave he saw this glow over my head and under my feet. He said it was like a halo or a lighting bug over me and he watched us walk down the street and it was on the bottom of my shoes and over my head. He says it was O Espirito Santo (Holy Ghost). Hahaha so that was awesome. I don't know what he was seeing, but anyway when we talked to him about who he wants to baptize him he said me. Obviously I have the spirit with me so he wants me to do it. So I had my first baptism yesterday! That was a great experience!

Its kinda funny cause in the CTM your "investigators" are perfect and always progressing  then my first lessons in the field are perfect and I get a baptism. We had a lot of other lessons this week to and got shut down a couple of times. We were teaching a family and when I invited them to baptism the Mother shut us down and said no way, but the dad said he would when he knows its true. 

Really my only problem that I have is Portuguese. Others struggle adjusting to missionary life or miss people back home, but I know that I am here for 2 years to serve with all my heart. Portuguese is hard but I with some extra help I will get it little by little. Jesus Christ gave me my salvation the least I can do is serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength for 2 short years. 

We have visited a lot of people and nobody can pronounce my name so everybody either calls me "Elder Milagre" (miracle) or " The American". I also had to give a short talk in church. The members are all very nice and welcoming so I am excited to learn more and work with them.

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes, I can´t really say that it was that great hah but I love being here! This is the Lords work and I am so proud to be a part of it! LOVE YOU!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015

Hey Family,

I just got to the field. We were at the mission office for a while, then I traveled for a couple hours to our area on the most crowded bus you've ever seen! We just got to our apartment.  Now we are going to the church so I can meet some people.   I am out here in the real world and I think the first thing I have learned is that I don't know any Portuguese. It has been hard to communicate with my companion, but I know that faith will see me through. I am confident that with a lot of help from I will learn slowly but surely. It wasn't meant to be easy. The Lord wouldn't send me here if I couldn't do it. Ill make it mom, there is no reason to worry about me just keep up the prayers. 

I am grateful for the CTM but I am ready to  be out of there. I have received so many blessings so far and I hope and pray the Lord will continue to bless me, especially helping me learn the language and the gospel. I have so far to go, but I really hope I can learn quickly. I am so excited to start helping people come unto Christ. I love this work and even when I have struggles I know I am doing the right thing. I love this work and I am excited to share it with the people in my area.

 Thank you so much for all your support, and please pray for me I need all the help I can get.

(Mom, you would be bawling if you saw where we are living haha talk about a hole in the wall.  Maybe if I ever learn the language I will send pictures Until then, Love you! and keep sending photos.)

Elder Millard

Deus restaurou o Seu evangelho através de Joseph Smith.Jesus Cristo é nosso Redentor enosso Salvador! Ele é o filho de Deus. 
O evangelho de Jesus Cristo é verdadeiro! O livro de Mormón contem a plenitude do evangelho. O Livro de Mormón é pelo palavras de Deus. 

Eu sei que isto é verdadeiro atraves do Espirito Santo. Eu orei e Deus respondeu a minha oração. 
Eu sou grato para vocês. Eu sou grato para minha testemunho. Eu amo você! Eu amo Jesus Cristo e Eu sei que ele é minha Salvador! Eu sou grato para meu missão!

Obrigado! Tchau

Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015- Last week in the CTM! Week #6

Hey Mom! 

This is my last week in the CTM! I have enjoyed it, but I am more than ready to move on!!
The days are all the same here but my testimony strengthens everyday. We teach a lot of lessons and learn a lot everyday but i am muito animado to get in the field and be a real missionary. 

I just got back from the Campinus temple this time and it was so amazing! The temple is massive, and it is so beautiful! The whole experience was so amazing and I loved it so much. When I was in the locker room after we were finished I was talking to one of the temple workers and he said he served in Brazil when the country was one mission and I told him my Grandpa served when the country was one mission and he served when President Sorensen was here and he asked his last name and I said Neeleman and he said GARY NEELEMAN!? I know Gary, we are friends! He said he remembers when David and John were babies then I asked if he knew Jule an he sai YES! He said he was in the presidency when Julie and sister Santana were serving here! He said he remembered those two sisters! His name is John Hawkins, we had a great conversation!

Crazy to think we are the oldest district in the CTM now! We are leaving next Tuesday! SO EXCITED! My testimony has grown so much and I know this chuch is true! I love this work and I can´t wait to share in with these people! I like my companion and we work pretty well together. The Portuguese is mais o menus but it improves everyday, I am confident with a lot of help I can get to where I need to be. 

I love you and the church is true. Keep collecting gold.

Elder Millard

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1, 2015- Week #5

Hello Family,

It's crazy to think I am a month in!  It has been just another week here in the CTM. I am loving it and my testimony grows everyday along with my Portuguese, but nothing really special happens. 

I like my district, and we have a lot of different personality´s. I really have liked the CTM but in all honesty I am ready to get out in the field. That's why I loved proselyting so much, I really just felt like I was really helping people and in the real life, but here we just do the same thing day after day.

It really is crazy to think we are the oldest district here now, it doesn't feel like that long. Last week we had over 120 missionaries leave so this place has been kinda empty for a while. I am missing all my Brazilian friends they really helped my Portuguese a lot!

The days are really long, but the weeks are flying by. Everyday all day we are either in the classroom, the cafeteria, or teaching lessons. Sundays are the best here they are always super spiritual.  I wish I knew more Portuguese but it is coming little by little everyday. 

P days are always a really nice break, every p day we go to the temple, then go out in the city and usually eat somewhere do some shopping and go to "Chaneys cookies" where my companions mom gave him 400 reais to spend so we eat a lot of cookies and milk shakes. 

I love pictures so please keep them coming I would really like to have some printed ones of the family and Zion and just everything.

Mom & Dad I know this church is true and I will never forget it. Because of this amazing gospel that you guys have raised me in I now get to share this with all the wonderful people of Brazil. Thank you so much for raising me to a higher standard and getting me on a mission. This is truly the best thing I could ever do! I love you so much you don´t even know! Thank you for every thing, sorry I don´t have much time, but know that I love you and I am eternally grateful for your example!

The church is true and through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can return to the presence of God and live together with our family forever!

Thank you for everything you do I love you all so much! I have the greatest family in the world.

Elder Millard

October 23, 2015- Week #4

Hello Family,

What an amazing week! Thank you all so much for the emails, I love them all so much but we don´t have much time. Thank you for the pictures I love them! Sounds like it has been a good week back home I would have loved to been there and celebrate with all the kids. Tell them Happy Birthday, and that their favorite uncle Justin loves them! 

This week was great! The Portuguese is coming along each day. I have made really good friends with a lot of the Brazilians, they leave later this week so it will be sad to see them go, they helped my Portuguese so much. We also went out proselyting this week! That was an amazing experience! O dom de linguás is so real! Before my comp and I went out we shared something that would help us... I shared the one when we are promised that we will be given the words in the hour yeah the very minute I don´t remember the exact words but it was so true. I gave away 6 copies of the O Livro de Mormon and everytime was really awesome. We went to this bus station and talked to a lot of people I only got rejected twice, and I got a lot of compliments on my Portuguese haha! They were all so fun, and we had a lot of really good talks with some people. It was so nice to get out of the CTM and talk to real people! My favorite one was when we were talking to this guy for a while then after we got done some lady came up to us and started talking to us! She said she listened to our message and wanted a copy, she was so impressed with us. She told my Portuguese was really good then she looks at my companion and says "yours.... meis o menus" hahaha so I have been teasing him about that for a while. Really though we are pretty bad, but we fill in for each other and teach pretty well together. This week one of the sisters in our district was really sick and she went to the hospital, before she went she asked me to give her a blessing so that was a good experience for me.

I just got back from the São Paulo temple and it was so amazing!! This church is true and I feel it more and more every day!
I love the work I am doing here, I know I am doing God´s work! Learning the language and the gospel is really hard, but when we went out proselyting it really made me see how important this work is!! Its hard but thats the way it needs to be! Salvation is on the line and Salvation was never easy! Last Sunday we watched the "New Testament" and "Meet the Mormons" They were so amazing!! This is such a marvelous work its hard to comprehend!! "why would it be easy for us, when it was NEVER easy for HIM". 

Love you all! keep sending pictures! Hasten the Work and keep collecting those tiny flecks of GOLD!  You are the BEST Mom I LOVE YOU! Thanks you so much for getting me here!!!!! 

Elder Millard