Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Sorry but I give up on sending photos. I just cant do it. 

This week was a solid week. We found a lot of new people and we are really praying for something to happen with some of them. I honestly don't even remember much of what happened this last week, so this will be short. 

Last Saturday we had the wedding of John Lennon and it was awesome we had a lot of people help and it was great the only bad thing is that they got a surprise vacation so they aren't coming back for a week and a half so his baptism will have to wait until the 23rd. We have transfers on the 19th so hopefully nobody leaves and we both stay for his baptism. 

We also talked with the guy who showed up at our house and his daughter, they have a lot of interest and a lot of doubts but that is a good thing because they are open to learn and we are resolving everything little by little and he has a goal to be baptized on the 24th. 

We also have 2 other families, with 4 kids that want really bad to be baptized but their parents wont let them, and unfortunately they are only 17, 1'6 14, and 12 so they cant without permission. However I am sure that the Lord with provide away and everything will go alright. We are working and really trying to help our branch, but it sure is hard.  All is going good and I am super happy and loving the work. We are seeing some real miracles and have a lot of potentials. 

Life is good and it is passing so fast. Tell everybody at home and in the town that I love them and am grateful for all they do. 

com amor, 

Elder Millard

Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey All!
Time passes so fast it is crazy. This week has been full of miracles. The start of the week was pretty rough this investigator that we had taught, sent us a message and said that she doesn't want to talk to us anymore. So that was pretty upsetting, but we gave her a few days to calm down and I called her, spit a little bit of fire and told her that if she throws away the opportunity to hear the prophet and apostle of Jesus then she will really be throwing away a lot of blessings and would basically be deciding not to hear what God has to say. So after that, she was pretty interested and she liked it a lot and we are going there later this week to see what is happening. 

On Sunday morning we where doing our studies and someone knocked on our door. It was super strange because anybody who knows where we live wouldn't go there on Sunday. But I answered the door and some guy said that he had talked with the missionaries before us a few times and they always invited him to church.  He went to the chapel but nobody was there because of conference, so it didn't start until 1. So that was strange, but it was for sure a miracle, he liked it a lot and we will pass by his house this week as well. Remember that our chapel is outside of our area so you have to take 2 buses to get there, so for him to go to the chapel then try and find us and go back to church is pretty great. I still don't know how he knew where we lived. 

We sure do walk a LOT but we are starting to find some real miracles. The week overall was good. I love my comp, he is a real stud. I will remember these times forever. I cannot believe that time is flying by so fast.  It is really crazy that I left the house 6 Months ago! Not long until I will be in my last 6 months scared and excited to go back to real life. 

Today we marked futebol with lot of young men so we are going to play a little ball then we have a family night after. Don't worry about me mom, I am very well fed and life is great.

I learned a lot in conference and I really got a lot of responses to a lot of questions. I don't think that I ever really realized it like I do now, but those men are apostles and prophet of God. I have a strong testimony of that now. I really felt the spirit there and it was really pretty great, I felt like everyone of those talks was responding to my questions and questions of my investigators. I obviously really like Elder Holland, he just really knows how to give a great talk, although the translator for Portuguese was have a few problems hahaha. There was so many great talks about priesthood and potential which are the things that I have been studying a lot lately I loved all those so that was great. 

We have the wedding of John Lennon this week and the baptism the next so Ill let you know how that goes. 
That's all for this week, Love you!  Manda um abra├žo para tudo mundo.

Elder Millard