Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 23, 2016- What a week!

Hey All! 

Another week has gone by here in great big Sapopemba! Time is really something that seems so inconsistent.  The hours are long but the days are short and the weeks are flying by!  I cant believe we are already halfway through this transfer.  We are 2 newbies in the mission but we are learning fast!  I really am so much happier now than I was last month. I have a lot more stress and responsibilities, but we are working, and that makes me happy! We are teaching a lot of people and we are pretty close to sealing the deal on a lot of them.  But then something always happens, or they don't show up at church.  It's tough but we can do it. 

We have Luana who is super cool she has a testimony strong and is totally ready, but her boyfriend who is a member lives in the US and she wants to be baptized there, but shes not going there until the middle April. So we are trying to help her understand that Heavenly Father wants her baptized as soon as she is ready, because we can only work with her one hour per day but Satan is working 23 hours a day. 

Edson is another almost Elect. He is great and should be baptized here in a few weeks, but he works a lot so its super hard to get him to church. We also have Maria, Fransisca, Cida, Poliana, Fabiano, Ana who are pretty good they are just waiting on a strong response and understand the importance of progressing. 

You are totally right mom I feel like high school is a distant memory, seems like forever ago. Time is flying by, I can't believe it has been almost 5 months! 

I love hearing about everything at home so just keep doing what your doing. But don't leave me uninformed I want to know about everything-health problems and all. I can't pray for something specific if I don't know. 
That's great what the boys did for Owen.  I hope he starts getting a little better. 

It has been a week since I emailed you and a weeks worth of rain showers!  Seriously it rains like I have never seen here. I'm talking ripping tin off of roofs, and wading through the water up to my knees rain. 

I am running out of time so until next time LOVE YOU. TCHAU!  Te Amo.

Mom, I can't wait till we come back to Brasil and you can see some of my areas!

Elder Millard

Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016- Lovin Life

Hey All! 
All is well I am doing great. My responsibilities and stress has gone up a lot, but we are working and that is what makes me happy. Missionary life is good, some days are long and hard but time is flying by!! I am really liking training, it gives my greater responsibilities and it makes me step up and make decisions.I love it because now it is my decision that we are obedient and working hard and trying our best to help other people. 

I really like my comp he is good, he has a big desire to be a good missionary. We have a lot of potential together. The new area is great. I am serving in Sapopemba. The members here shove food in my face like I am dying and always give us stuff to take to our house so sadly I have been gaining a little weight. Other than that life is great.

Hey mom! Yes I got the package this week. it is great! I love peanut butter and nutella! and all the other stuff. haha

Carnival here really is pretty chill nothing happens just all the shops are closed. and everybody plays a lot of funky in the streets but that's all. it was a normal day of proselyting.

The Elder before me in this area served for 8 months here and never had one baptism, so this ala (ward) has been dying for a baptism. We were blessed enough to work with a less active member who started coming back to church and we marked the baptism of her 2 sons. So we had 2 baptisms this Saturday and I confirmed them on Sunday. Pedro e Paulo Eles são gemi-os.

We marked 2 more people for the 5th so hopefully they will keep progressing, but we will need a lot of blessings. It is hard to make people understand the importance of why we need to be baptized with authority. However I have a lot of faith in them and we have a lot of potential for success this transfer or the next. We are working hard and I am seeing blessings. 

My time is about up, now that I have some responsibility I spend the majority of my time putting in numbers. 

Love you so much mom you are the best!

Time is flyin' by!. 
The best two Years
No Regrets

Elder Millard

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 7, 2016

Hey All,

I don't have time to write a letter. Everything is closed because  of carnival so I am allowed to use the computer in a members house for a few min. So I just want to let you know that I am well, happy with my new assignment to train. It is going to be really hard but I can do it. I am receiving so many blessings really. All is well the ward is great marked two baptisms for next week so ill let you know how that goes. Love You. Sorry I don't have more time. 

Elder Millard