Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 12, 2016

Well we have had a great week. Every day I am so amazed at how much God loves me. Each week God continues blessing us with so many miracles. I don't think I deserve all that he gives me, but I am sure that he loves me and the people that need me. 

Each week we knock a lot of doors and honestly it isn't usually very successful but we continue doing it just trying to show God that we are doing our best. Usually we don't find a lot of success knocking doors, but for some reason this week was way good. We met a lot of really sweet people that have a lot of potential to progress. 

Last P day we went to the chapel with a group of young men and we played a lot of ping pong and soccer. It was way fun and we got a new investigator which makes it even better. His name is Andrey, he is a friend of a member. We taught him this week and he is excited to be baptized. Also this week we had a great miracle; some lady came to us in the street and said that she had been praying for two weeks to find us and that she is a member, but she is inactive. She is wanting to come back to church, and her husband never was baptized because he wasn't able to stop smoking but now he quite and wants to  be baptized. They also have a cousin that wants to come to church. So yesterday we taught them and it went really great. They are looking at a baptismal date for the second week of January. So as of right now we have about 6 baptisms set for January. 

Transfers are on the 27th of this month, if I get transferred I will be pretty upset. Everything is going well and I am doing great. It is a good time of year because everyone is thinking about Jesus, but nobody wants to let us in because everyone is going on vacation, or has a bunch of people over.... No need to worry mom, its all good. 

Elder Millard

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 5, 2016

Hey All!

So we had a pretty good week. We had meetings Tuesday and Wednesday then of Thursday we had splits. So basically our whole week we have running around the zone trying to take care of everyone's problems. We have two companionships that are about ready to kill one another in our zone hahaha so we have been trying to help them, also I had to do a few baptismal interviews in another area so this week was litterally just running all over the zone trying to help everyone and take care of problems and get people excited to work.  Then on Friday we had to go to the mission office to a leadership meeting. That is always way sweet! I got to see all the old mission buddies and President gave a real smack down training on everyone. Pres is the freakin man, he doesnt talk very much, but when he does it is pretty crazy!  

I told you about Guilherme right?  Well sadly his baptism isnt going to happen until January. His dad not only authorized it, but got really excited about it so he decided to invite everyone and the dog, so he decided that he wants to wait for after the holidays for everyone to be there. 
The work is coming along good. A young man in our ward has been working with us everyday and we taught a few of his friends that are looking good for baptism here in a few weeks, so I am excited about that. I will keep you informed on the progress in the coming weeks. 

I dont have words to describe how my mission has made me feel closer to the Savior.  I have felt the love of God so many times in my mission. I can say without a doubt in my mind that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I had a great experience this week when we were have a family night with a family that I really like. After I gave the message the mom of the family started talking and just fell apart. She started crying saying how ever since I started visiting their family and sharing spiritual messages with them, her life has been changing. Everything that I have taught her she has been trying to practice and it has changed her life. So as I was telling her that I really am weak and I am not even close to perfect, however the man that I represent is perfect and the message that I am ordained to teach is perfect.  I really feel the savior helping me in this work. I know that I am unworthy to be a representative of Christ but I know that he helps me in my weaknesses. Even more as a leader now. I have the responsability to help not only investagators but also other missionaries. As of now I can look back on my mission and honestly say that I have done a lot. I have gained a testimony that nobody can take away from me, I have helped in the salvation of many others, and I have felt the hand of the Lord molding me into the man that God wants of me. 
There really is no way to desribe how strongly I feel. I'll just say that I know what I know and noboy can change that.

Have a great week! 

Elder Millard

November 28, 2016

Hey Family!

So we had a good week. Life is really busy and I feel like I am always with a million things in my head, but it is going good. The zone is doing good and I love being able to help them. 
We have been teaching a young man named Guilherme he is doing really well and wants to be baptized, but his dad is trying to hold him back. We had a really great experience this week with him. He is living with a family of members right now and his dad goes and visits him sometimes. So on thursday as we were knocking doors and we both just felt like we should go and visit them eventhough we had already marked an appointment with them later that night. Anyways we decided to go over there early so when we got there we talked for a while and shared a good message with them and almost at the end as we were trying to talk with Guilherme about a baptismal date and how to convince his dad, his dad got there right on time. So we started talking with him and with a lot of help from the spirit I was able to say the right things to not only convince him, but get him really excited about Guilherme´s baptism. So the date is sure for the 11th he will be baptized. It really was a good experience that I was needing, because I really felt the spirit and I know that the Lord helped us out on that one. 

They don't comemorate Thanksgiving here so I was missing that pretty bad this week....
I kept thinking about all that great food, turkey tournament, football least this is the last one in the mission... 

Last P day after emails we went to eat lunch at a rodizio grill. It is an all you can eat meat rodizio, so we all left there compleatly full. Then the four of us went walking to the part downtown of the city but it was so hot that nobody was able to walk in the hot sun full of meat. So we stopped in the shade and I paid ice cream for us, it was a good day with the mission buddies. 

Today when we finish emails we are going to go play some soccer. It is always so nice to let my mind rest a little bit.  My comp is a brasilian he is from João Pessoa. I like him and we are working well together. 

Anyways all is well and I am doing great!

Elder Millard