Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 19, 2017

Well mom what shall I say this week....? One more week has come and gone, I am one week closer to the best/worst day I can imagine. I am working really hard and I am extremly focused on the work. Sometimes I think about how close I am to getting home and I get a little sick to the stomach, but also I am really excited to be home and start my big kid life. I cannot believe that Coleman is getting home!! That is so crazy! I really am on the last stretch. It really doesnt seem true that someday I will finish my mission in a few short months. But I am excited. Anyways thats enough talking about home.

This week was pretty good, all is going super well. My comp is a real stud and I really like him a lot. I really am loving this time in my mission, I feel like my whole mission I was always looking up to the older guys and just thinking some day I will get there. Now I realize that everywhere I go people are looking at me and thinking the same thing. I still have a lot to better every day, but I know that I am an experienced missionary and I am very confident with the man that God is helping me become. 

We are working a lot in our area giving the best example for the mission. This week we had some really smack down lessons. We were able to mark 4 people for baptism!!!! We taught a family that was not wanting to let their daughter be baptized and it was such a good lesson, that we went in with them just trying to argue and find anything wrong with us to when we left they committed to go to church and they didnt want us to leave. So yesterday the whole familly went to church and they loved it. They are now very excited about their daughters baptism that will be this saturday!! 
Anyways we are seeing a lot of miracles, and I am sure that God will continue blessing us as we work diligently in this marvilous work. 

That is so great that the family reunion is this week, I would have loved so much to be there and see everyone. It will be so great to see everyone again, but I know that I am where I need to be.

"I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be."

Elder Millard

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