Tuesday, August 8, 2017

June 24, 2017

What a week it has been! Yet again things have been extremely busy with meetings, training, appointments, BAPTISMS, activities, and many other things. 
As you know last Monday was transfers so that was way busy running all over the place getting everyone where they need to be. Then we went with President to get some things ready for the testimony meeting for all the missionaries going home. Then at night all the trainers got to the mission office where we gave them a training and ate pizza. 
Then on Tuesday morning all the newbies got here, so we had to sit and talk with all of them for a while. It is really great to see the greenies because it makes me think back to when I got in the mission and it helps me remember all that I have passed through. Its really good to see that sparkle in their eyes and try and remember what it was like when I first got in the mission. Then all afternoon we gave them trainings and we went out to do some street contacting with them for a while. It was a great day. Then we got everyone out to their areas and had another meeting with President. 
On Wednesday and Thursday we were able to work in our area which is really what I love.  Hahaha President and Sister Silcox are always teasing me because they know that I don't like having meetings or being in the office but its really true. Whenever I am in the office I just get fire in my eyes because I just want to WORK in my area. My favorite thing is Baptize and I need to teach to do that. We spent the week really focusing on Laila and Atina. Laila is doing really well and has received many answers from God, however Atina is not coming along so fast. Laila was baptized this Saturday and Confirmed on Sunday!!! It was a great meeting, very spiritual and really special.
On Friday we had leadership council which is always great. We gave some great trainings and it is always nice to see the big studs of the mission. It is pretty sweet because I remember when I was Zone Leader I saw a lot of them in my zone and now they are all the top dogs of the mission. The mission is really going so good. Nobody will ever convince me that there is a better mission in the world. Seriously things are just great! I LOVE SÃO PAULO LESTE!!!!  Saturday we had Laila´s baptism and at night we had a ward party, so it was just a great day! 

Anyways, things are going really well. I feel like I am doing good. I know that I still have a few more weeks of hard work, but I am loving it. We are just working like mad men trying to finish off my mission strong. I still have a lot of things to tell you, but I will leave it for next week. 
Love you,

Elder Millard

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