Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 8, 2017

Justin Bart Millard - 2:29 PM

haha your so funny mom
remember that it is going to be a great week or two, but after that you are going to want to kick me out again. kkkk


yeah, just doing well and loving life

haha everything is good. 

Justin Bart Millard - 2:34 PM

We are going to have zone conferences starting this week and next week we have zone conferences and a mission tour with Elder Lima of the seventy. So things are going to be really busy these last few weeks
Also today we had to go teach Bené and Andresa today to try and get everything ready for their wedding

Justin Bart Millard - 2:36 PM

You have no idea all that we have been through with this family. I am almost crazy trying to get them excited and get it all ready. Its going to be pretty hard as they arent really able to do a wedding so I we are trying to get everyone to pitch in a little to do something nice for them. 

Justin Bart Millard - 2:39 PM

I am sure they would love that
I already told them that I will help with their wedding rings that will be about 300 reais 

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